A wave ahead

Global Ultra-Low Latency Wireless Network

The fastest intercontinental communication network


Skywave Technology

We harness low latency, high-frequency radio communication waves, also known as Skywaves


Signal transmission

The broadcasting antenna sends signals that travel to Ionosphere, the layer located 50 to 200 kilometers above the Earth’s surface


Reaching Ionosphere

Interaction with the ionosphere causes the Skywaves to refract as they pass through


Receiving signal

The receiving antenna picks up the refracted waves and converts them into an electrical signal that is processed and delivered to the destination


Intercontinental links

Crossing land, oceans, and horizon, we are establishing wireless intercontinental communication links of up to 10,000 km

Bringo Net’s latency advantage

  • 50%

    Faster than fiber

  • -1 ms

    Every 1000 km

Let us tell you more about it

The gain in speed can be a decisive factor in a race for the fastest decision-making. With our innovative solution, you will be the first one to get the information and act on it

A Skywave-based signal has several
advantages over other alternatives


Not only does it travel faster than fiber optics, with a speed that is approximately 50% faster through air, but its travel distance is also shorter when following the geodesic line


Even when the signal bounces back to Earth from the ionosphere, which is typically located 50-200 km above the surface, it travels an average of only 3000 km before bouncing back again.


Customers get dedicated resources, so the channel is not shared with other customers and is available for transmitting the customer's signals

About Us

At Bringo Net, our mission is to revolutionize the field of radio communication by providing fast, reliable, and secure ultra low-latency communication channels

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